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Service Description

Transform your existing artwork, logos, and designs into precise and versatile vector formats that can be scaled without loss of quality. Whether you're a business owner, an embroiderer, or a designer, our advanced digitization techniques ensure your designs are ready for various applications.

Graphic Designer drawing on a graphic tablet
Custom Logo

Artwork Vectorization

Convert your raster images, such as logos, graphics, and illustrations, into vector format. Our skilled team ensures each detail is accurately captured, resulting in sharp, scalable images suitable for both digital and print media.

Embroidery Digitization

Transform intricate designs into embroidery-ready files. Our digitization process translates complex artwork into stitch patterns, creating impeccable embroidered designs for apparel, accessories, and more.

Embroidery machine sewing on a hat


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Tel. 1-844-504-9595

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100-300 Alpine Way
Headingley, MB R4H 0E1

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