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What is DTF?

Direct to Film (DTF) printing is an innovative digital printing method that has gained popularity for its ability to produce high-quality, full-colour prints on various materials. Unlike traditional printing methods that require multiple steps and processes, DTF printing offers a streamlined approach that allows for quick turnaround times and cost-effective production. In the promotional industry, DTF printing is used to create custom designs on apparel, accessories, and promotional products with vibrant colors and intricate details.

DTF Transfer sheet being peeled off a shirt


Every print method we use at Dreamcatcher Promotions is unique and provides its own set of advantages. Some of the reasons we recommend using Direct-to-Film DTF are the following...

  • Versatility

  • Full-colour printing with gradient effects

  • No colour limitations

  • Soft feel and breathability

  • High detail reproduction

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Cost-effective for small to medium orders

  • Great option for personalized apparel


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